Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TYPE-I Modem Configuration - Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

TYPE-I Modem Configuration - Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

SmartAx MT880 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port.
SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port and one USB Port.

Set your computer IP address as
( If you are using USB port, install USB driver first)

Open Internet Explorer in the Address bar type the URL

You will be propted for Username and Password.

Username: admin

Password: admin

Click on Home

Click on WAN setting

Your WAN Setting should be as follows:


Wan type: PPP

Connection Type : PPPoE

VPI / VCI : 0/35

Default Route : Enabled

Username: yourusername@dataone

Password: yourpassword

Use DNS : Enabled

Click on Apply.

You will be asked to save and reboot.

Select Yes

Once your modem is rebooted , the summary page will be displayed .

The "Green" status of PVC0 status indicated that you are now connected. (in Summary page)

SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem ADSL LED will turn 'Orange' from 'green' when succesfully connected.


Dicky John Davis said...

How to configure for Billion Bipac 5200S Model ADSL Modem for Dataone BSNL

arun said...

Hello friend,
i hav a prob opening
the page is giving an error

Ravi said...

This post has some screenshot for DSL -502T Router setup

Balasankar. V said...

Net gear modem uses default modem page as
UN: admin
PW: password

Senthil said...

hi arun,

what type of error you are getting. before trying to that ip you have to set your computer ip as 1.2 (last two ). then it will open nicely.

Imagination said...


Any one used type-4 modem
can u tell how wi-fi works

Anonymous said...

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arnav said...

hi, please tell me how to configure my airtel modem given to me with airtel land line which is of betel make to open bsnl broadband

Prasad said...

I followed your instructions but in summery page I got PVC0 is in red. If I connect through dial-up (without IP) my connection established. please help me to connect through (MT880)


kannan said...

i am using compex modem,anyone know how to configure that modem.

Anonymous said...

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kamalnayan said...

i have bsnl broadband tpe -1 Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem.
i want to connect my laptop via D Link DI-514 router in ethernet., what I do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the configuration. Now I can use my modem properly.

Thanks Again

Anonymous said...

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ajay bisht said...

I Have HUAWEI SmartAX MT880 ADSL Modem. it has a option to block some websites, but these r limited to me. i want to block more than 20websites. is there is any way to Increase that blocking website option in the HUAWEI SmartAX MT880 ADSL Modem.

tehienews said...

Who is best options according to you for best result in "wireless or other facility in broadband visit it.

Nilesh said...

I have TYPE I - Huawai SmartAX MT 880 Modem. when I open some of .com sites, web page shows "This page is blocked by Administrator ^_^". Tell me how i sort out this problem

about dogs & cats said...

how do i set the password on my net work, im using SmartAX MT880 as a router but it has no password on it

sadashiv said...

I,m using Huawei SmartAX MT880 modem. I entered user name: admin & Password: password. I went to "BASIC -> WAN setting" ... updated all fieds as suggested. TCP MSS -> 1490 bytes & MTU 1492 bytes.. Im gettig following Errors..Suggest me how to procede..

Error Message:

Prakash said...

i've a utsartcom wa3002g4 wireless modem. I'm facing error no 691 for every 5 minutes. Inspite my username and pwd are correct. Once it will connect and the other time it will not.

Sumel said...

can u please help me to figure out my wifi connection on nokia siemens router 1600. it's get conncted but after that gives an error of invalid server name on my phone(Nokia n97).

dundo said...

The BSNL portal link seems to be put up by Chinese hackers. Do not submit your username and password.

Every thing is Important in Life said...


i have a model HG 510 -r-b its user name and password admin, admin is not working, kindly tell me how to open its home page.


kuldeep $parul kushwaha said...

how to configure a MTNL mt882 ADSL modem with BSNL connection . i am using MT882 MTNL supplied modem butsome websites are not opening. plz anybody can help me . how to set up mt882 modem with BSNL connection so i can open all the website .i have also checked with bsnl broad band modem all websites are opening.

Unknown said...


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Abhi said...


Sada said...

when i logged on to my modem homepage (bsnl), i cannot see a configuration tab but i can see all other tabs as i saw in a video.pls help me.