Friday, May 05, 2006

Troubleshooting in Dataone Broadband

Troubleshooting in Dataone Broadband
1) I do not get ADSL link on my Dataone Modem.
Check if there is any loose connectivity from the splitter to the modem.
If so tightly fix in the cable , wait for about a minute and see if the link is up.
If not contact your local exchange for checking line or launch a complaint :/detail on 198.

2) How do i check my usage?
Go to website login with your Username and Password , click on service records and select the month for which you want to view your usage .
To view this page correctly you should have internet explorer version 6.Also enable coockies by going to Internet explorer tools Internet options Privacy Advanced Select Override Automatic Cookie Handling.

3) I cannot connect / browse .
Check if all the LEDs are as mentioned below.
Power - Glowing steady
ADSL Link - glowing and steady (Steady Amber color in case of type I, Type III and Type IV modems and steady green in case of Type II .)
If your modem is connected to PC via LAN / USB check if the respective indicator is glowing and steady.

4) How do i change my password?
To change your dataone password Go to website login with your Username and Password , click on change password.After you change password on this site go to login with username admin and password admin and enter the changed password in the password field and apply.

I have changed my password on website and after that i cannot connect to internet?

After you change your password on the portal you also have to enter it on site. (Click here for Detail Configuration)

5) I am getting very slow speed.
Get your line checked from your local exchange if still problem persists and line is perfect then it may be your PC problem.
You will have to get your PC checked for viruses
My LAN / USB indicator on the modem does not glow.
Check if there is any loose connection .
Check if your network device/ USB device is in disable state.
Reinstall your network card / USB driver.
Contact your system Administrator.

Note : This information is collected from Official BSNL Site


Pixl Ninja said...

I have a Dataone BroadBand 900.. and i forget my router password(not admin/admin) How can i retrive or reset that .. can BSNL telephone exchange can help me ?

Vipul aka "Neo" said...
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Vipul aka "Neo" said...

Reset your Broadband Modem by pressing the reset button on ur modem. U'll require a pin to do that. resetting ur modem will restore ur password to admin/admin .

Mukunda said...

To change your dataone password Go to website login with your Username and Password , click on change password.After you change password on this site go to login with username admin and password admin and enter the changed password in the password field and apply.

jyoti said...

i want to change my password,but am unable to login for that on given site.

Narzary said...

1.Unable to change the default password given by dataone.

2.Unable to setup WAN through ethernet configuration. PPPoE not activated

3. Not technical help is provided by the dataone, Industrial Estate, Visakhapatnam.

4. Eventhough I am post paid registered why I am not authentication certificate to chaneg some certain configuration.

Narzary said...

1.Unable to change the own login password of dataone default why?

2.Why technical assistance is not provided even though I am registered member since one year postpaid ?

3.Why I am not athenthicated for some chaging or viewing some configuration?

4. Why is not been provided from the beggining technical support me even after frequently reminding and reporting not support been provided even for installation of connectivity after paid the service charge with dataone instument? Why have they taken service charge then?

Narzary said...

I want WAN connectivity wiht ethernet configuration who will give me assistance BSNL or some outright help? Please guide me.

Sagar Upadhye said...

the default password is password itself

ajju said...

my portlink is not working

what to do plz rply

renju said...

Hi !! Got a Wirless Modem & though my laptop pops up a msg "wireless network is connected now", the page says "the page cannot be displayed". Since I wanted to check my usage and because I forgot my username & password, I sought help from BSNL. They gave me a new username & password. Itz after that I'm having problems with my broadband. BSNL is least concerned about the problem. I logged on to the HUAWEI admin page & there the connection status is shown as "disconnected". Can anyone help me?

26th sep d worst day of my life said...

on filling the admin as id and password it is not entering to my router it displays you are not authorised to view this page what shud i do ???

Narzary said...

Expecting 100% service from any other service provider is not possible at all. Some percentage you have to compromise always or you have to educate more. Thank you

RAM said...

Pixl Ninja ... Therez a reset button in your router .. Hit that... all your settings will go for a toss. but the admin/admin will work . you have to re-configure the router.

pradpat said... is hacked by chinese hacker to collect username/password. It is phising sited.

rahul raj said...

i have a dataone plan....sometimes iam losting my connection...LED showing INET sometimes fall....i dont know this the complnt of modem ?...pls reply...

Srivatsa said...
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Srivatsa said...

My modem light keeps on blinking. Is it because something is being downloaded in the background without my notice or some line error. How can i fix it?

kislay said...

i am facing problem in using wireless access from my broadband modem. Please brief me the settings to follow. Please also tell me how to enable security in wireless network.

UBP said...

Hi, for me the ip address is not assigned. I use dynamic ip allocation. Even if I set my ip address to and give the default gateway & subnet mask etc. I am not getting connected.
Pls help me!

atul said...

i am not able to do port forwording

atul said...

i am not able to do port forwording

santosh said...

Someone kindly put up the procedure for stting up Type II MODEM. Thanks

banisamier said...

BSNL has recently recomended to download SELFCARE SOFTWARE for trouble free performance for the broadband users, but the software they are providing to download is 70% infected with viruses.
The primary detection includes:
TR/Spy.179872 and there are in all 13 detections. With these conditions the software does not get downloaded. Will Dataone broadband providers take necessary steps to renew the software on daily basis, so that their clients do not suffer with malware and their services can be availed in a right manner.

shalu said...

I cannot open my facebook account through bsnl broadband where as I am getting connected through relience modem and airtel modem. How do i come out of this problem. help me out.

Badri said...

I had the same issue of dsl admin password issue, since I had changed the default password. I tried all combinations but it never worked. I realised that the BSNL site works well in IE and not in any other browser. So opened the IE and tried with the changed password and it worked. This should help you to access the router admin settings. Hope this is helpful!

hiho haho said...

Hi I like configure my modem "huawei smartax mt880" to connect directly to then internet wan the internet conection is enable, Can you help me pleas? you can contact me at