Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How to change BSNL Broadband password ? Changing DataOne password.

DataOne broadband password can be changed in the web site.
DataOne password can be changed in following simple steps.
Step 1. Goto
Step 2. Login using your current username & password.
Step 3. Click on Change password.
Step 4. Enter your old password and new password.
Done! Your dataone password is changed. From next login use the new password.

Note : Enter your new password in your ADSL modem / Broadband dialing properties.

TYPE-I Modem Configuration - Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

TYPE-I Modem Configuration - Huawei SmartAX MT880 Modem / SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem Configuration

SmartAx MT880 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port.
SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem has One ethernet Port and one USB Port.

Set your computer IP address as
( If you are using USB port, install USB driver first)

Open Internet Explorer in the Address bar type the URL

You will be propted for Username and Password.

Username: admin

Password: admin

Click on Home

Click on WAN setting

Your WAN Setting should be as follows:


Wan type: PPP

Connection Type : PPPoE

VPI / VCI : 0/35

Default Route : Enabled

Username: yourusername@dataone

Password: yourpassword

Use DNS : Enabled

Click on Apply.

You will be asked to save and reboot.

Select Yes

Once your modem is rebooted , the summary page will be displayed .

The "Green" status of PVC0 status indicated that you are now connected. (in Summary page)

SmartAx MT882 ADSL Modem ADSL LED will turn 'Orange' from 'green' when succesfully connected.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Troubleshooting in Dataone Broadband

Troubleshooting in Dataone Broadband
1) I do not get ADSL link on my Dataone Modem.
Check if there is any loose connectivity from the splitter to the modem.
If so tightly fix in the cable , wait for about a minute and see if the link is up.
If not contact your local exchange for checking line or launch a complaint :/detail on 198.

2) How do i check my usage?
Go to website login with your Username and Password , click on service records and select the month for which you want to view your usage .
To view this page correctly you should have internet explorer version 6.Also enable coockies by going to Internet explorer tools Internet options Privacy Advanced Select Override Automatic Cookie Handling.

3) I cannot connect / browse .
Check if all the LEDs are as mentioned below.
Power - Glowing steady
ADSL Link - glowing and steady (Steady Amber color in case of type I, Type III and Type IV modems and steady green in case of Type II .)
If your modem is connected to PC via LAN / USB check if the respective indicator is glowing and steady.

4) How do i change my password?
To change your dataone password Go to website login with your Username and Password , click on change password.After you change password on this site go to login with username admin and password admin and enter the changed password in the password field and apply.

I have changed my password on website and after that i cannot connect to internet?

After you change your password on the portal you also have to enter it on site. (Click here for Detail Configuration)

5) I am getting very slow speed.
Get your line checked from your local exchange if still problem persists and line is perfect then it may be your PC problem.
You will have to get your PC checked for viruses
My LAN / USB indicator on the modem does not glow.
Check if there is any loose connection .
Check if your network device/ USB device is in disable state.
Reinstall your network card / USB driver.
Contact your system Administrator.

Note : This information is collected from Official BSNL Site

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